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(Un)Blocked – Programming a Sustainable World

Blockchain, web3 and the SDGs

The report on “Blockchain, Web3 & the SDGs” is online now!

The report explores how blockchain Networks as a backbone of the Web3 and the cryptoeconomic mechanisms that enable them can support achieving the SDGs defined by the United Nations.

Cryptoeconomics and sustainability researchers of the Vienna University of Business and Economics have worked closely together examining blockchain networks and their applications, and researching relevant sustainability issues, analysing use-cases and identifying relevant stakeholders. Outputs of this applied Research are provided in this report.

Emerging technological innovations in specific the Internet with all its applications and use cases are setting new trends that provoke radical cultural and socio-economic transformation. This ongoing trends, often referred to as “digital transformation”, already affects our way of living and will affect it even more in the future.

Among the most recent innovations blockchain networks as the backbone for the next generation Internet, what some also refer as the Web3, is seen by many as a game changer which also could be a potential catalyst for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (SDGs) – especially in the development context.

Moreover, blockchain networks are a governance layer on top of the current Internet with the potential to create new social- and market dynamics.

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