Save the date: NOPOOR Final Conference

Enhancing Knowledge for Renewed Policies against Poverty After 5 years of extensive research on different aspects concerning poverty, the NOPOOR dissemination team is happy to announce the NOPOOR Final Conference which will be held on 6-7 June 2017 in Brussels.… read more

Invitation: ZurichEduExpo 2017

The Institute for Peace and Dialogue (IPD) based out in Lucerne,invetes to the ZurichEduExpo 2017, which will be held on April 24-25, 2017 in Zurich city, Switzerland ZurichEduExpo 2017 – is intended to provide a stage to a limited number… read more

MAB Young Scientists Awards

Apply now!

UNESCO MAB Young Scientists Awards: helping young people help the planet Since 1989 MAB has been providing 10 young researchers each year with awards of up to US$ 5,000 in support of their research on ecosystems, natural resources and biodiversity.… read more

Einladung > WU-NachhaltigkeitsKontroverse

„Learning from history – or not? The past, present, and future of (un)sustainability“

„Learning from history – or not? The past, present, and future of (un)sustainability“ Wann: 13. Juni 2016 Wo: WU Wien, Festsaal 1, LC Um Anmeldung wird gebeten. Im Juni spannt die WU-NachhaltigkeitsKontroversen einen Bogen von der Vergangenheit in die Zukunft:… read more

Swiss-Austrian Mountain Workshop 2016

The Swiss-Austrian Alliance for Mountain Research is inviting you to take part in the Swiss-Austrian Mountain Workshop which will take place at the University of Bern, Switzerland, on 9 and 10 June 2016. The workshop will generate new ideas for future… read more

H2020 SC5 Work Programme

Public Consultation

H2020 SC5 Work Programme 2018-2019-2020  – Public Consultation – FTP draft Response Die Europäische Kommission hat eine Stakeholder Befragung zu Horizon2020 Societal Challenge 5 (SC5) Work Programme 2018-2020 gestartet. Im Rahmen des FTP-Netzwerkes wird eingeladen, Stellungnahmen zum  Konsutlationsprozess abzugeben. Weitere… read more

The Swiss Austrian Alliance for Mountain Research

Call for news Do you have news to share with the Swiss-Austrian mountain research community? Send them any news you want to share with other researchers working in Swiss or Austrian mountains by 23 March 2016. More Information:… read more

Book Recommendation: Parks of the Future

Protected Areas in Europe Challenging Regional and Global Change

Parks als Instrumente nachhaltiger Entwicklung Zersiedelung, demografische Veränderung, Klimawandel, Biodiversitätsverluste … die Liste der Herausforderungen für die räumliche Entwicklung in Europa ist lang. Seit den 1990er Jahren wurden als Antwort auf die regionalen und weltweiten Veränderungen zahlreiche Großschutzgebiete errichtet. Mehr… read more


Facing the Global Challenges in Cities, Climate Change and Transport

On behalf of the genderSTE COST Network, we would like to invite you to the 5th International Engendering Conference which will take place in Madrid on 5–6 October 2016. The conference “Engendering Habitat III: Facing the Global Challenges in Cities, Climate… read more

eafip Workshop for public procurers in the Water Sector

9th February 2016 - Leeuwarden, the Netherlands

The European Commission, in collaboration with the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Water, is pleased to invite you to this eafip workshop which targets public procurers in the water sector (ministries, regional and local authorities, public utility companies, etc.). The… read more

AlpWeek: Alps & People – Living culture!

The manifold aspects of the rela­tionship between the Alps and the people who live, work and recreate there will be the main focus of the fourth edition of the AlpWeek: AlpWeek: Alps & People – Living culture! on 11-15 October… read more

Polycular -> project name: ÖkoGotschi

ÖkoGotschi is a location-based augmented reality computer game about sustainability and ecology. Abstract information on the topic of ecology and sustainability is easily explained and conveyed in an entertaining way. The aim is to fully exploit the potential of computer… read more

Book recommendation: If You Really Want to Change the World

A Guide to Creating, Building, and Sustaining Breakthrough Ventures

Silicon Valley’s latest trend for creating new ventures is based on trial and error: test market needs with new product concepts and a minimum amount of capital, expect that the product may not meet the market need, so fail fast… read more

EGU General Assembly 2016

Are you planning to attend the EGU meeting from 17-22 April 2016 in Vienna? If so, have you proposed or are you planning to propose any sessions? The closing date for sessions proposals is 18 September. The EGU is a… read more

Job Offers > Social Ecology

2 Postdoc positions in Social Ecology The Institute of Social Ecology at the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies (IFF) of Alpen-Adria-Universitaet Klagenfurt (Vienna campus) announces a 50% and a 100% Postdoc position in Social Ecology Details in German: PostDoc-Assistentin / PostDoc-Assistent… read more

Veranstaltung > “Die Gärten der Zukunft”

[english Version below] 10. Oktober: „Die Gärten der Zukunft – Neue Gartenräume in Europa“ Details & Anmeldung Das Thema wird beim Symposium „Die Gärten der Zukunft – Neue Gartenräume in Europa“ in seiner gesamten Breite diskutiert. Dabei werden neue Gartentypen… read more

MRI photo competition

The Mountain Research Initiative is coordinating an international photography competition in conjunction with the scientific conference “Mountains of Our Future Earth”, which will be held in Perth, Scotland 4-8 October 2015. The competition is open to everyone, from amateurs and… read more

Call for abstracts > Adaption Futures 2016

Adaptation Futures is the biennial conference of PROVIA (Global Programme of Research on Climate Change Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation). In 2016 the European Commission and the Government of the Netherlands will co-host the fourth Edition (10-13 May 2016). The programme… read more

Update > World Resources Forum

Registration and last call for Papers World Resources Forum 2015 Boosting Resource Productivity by Adopting the Circular Economy October 11-14, 2015 ¦ Davos, Switzerland The registration for the WRF 2015 is now open for all participants. Register here and benefit… read more

Reminder > European Award for Ecological Gardening 2015

Reminder: Bis 1. Juni können noch Projekte für den European Award for Ecological Gardening eingereicht werden! Details sowie die Ausschreibungsunterlagen finden Sie unter Wir freuen uns, Ihnen das Programm zum internationalen Fachsymposium des European Award for Ecological Gardening 2015… read more

European Award for Ecological Gardening 2015

Until 1. June 2015 gardeners, garden owners, designers, communities & municipalities, teams and individuals as well as their organisations, such as education institutions, networks and associations  from all European nations have the opportunity  to  compete with their European colleagues. It… read more

GAiA Best Paper Award 2014 – the winners

Jens Soentgen and Helena Bilandzic are the winners of the GAIA Best Paper Award 2014 for their article “Die Struktur klimaskeptischer Argumente. Verschwörungstheorie als Wissenschaftskritik.” GAIA’s Editorial Board also shortlisted Michael Rosenberger for his contribution “Die Ratio der ‘Klima-Religion’. Eine… read more

International Symposium and Public Lecture

“Integrated Science for Sustainable Transitions”

Date: Wednesday 29 April 2015 Venue: Conference Center Laxenburg, Schlossplatz 1, 2361 Laxenburg Professor Pavel Kabat, Director General of International Institute for Applied System Analysis (IIASA), and Professor James P.M. Syvitski, IGBP Scientific Committee Chair have the pleasure to invite… read more

Call for papers > World Resources Forum

Topic: Boosting Resource Productivity by Adopting the Circular Economy October 11-14, 2015 | Davos, Switzerland The four key themes are: Circular economy and decoupling Technological innovation, business and finance Targets, indicators, and benchmarks for resource use Lifestyles and education Submit… read more

Ester Boserup’s Legacy on Sustainability

A new publication on the life and work of a pioneer of sustainability research

Edited by Marina Fischer-Kowalski (Univ. Klagenfurt) et al Arising from a scientific conference marking the 100th anniversary of her birth, this book honors the life and work of the social scientist and diplomat Ester Boserup, who blazed new trails in… read more

EuroMAB-2015 > registration open

"Biosphere Reserves: from heritage to sustainable innovation"

The EuroMAB 2015 registration is open and the website is online at: EuroMAB 2015 conference in Haapsalu, Estonia 19–23 May 2015 More news and updates on programme and the workshops soon.… read more

Veranstaltungstipp > MRI’s Mountain Mixer

@ European Geosciences Union (EGU) 2015

April 16: MRI Mountain Mixer, 5:30–8; PM Austria Center Vienna, Room Y7; The MRI Mountain Mixer is a new event designed to bring together global change researchers working in mountains to compare notes, discuss new ideas and build collaborations. After four… read more

Making a difference with knowledge – but how?

Many researchers who dedicate themselves to the issue of sustainability are disappointed because their scientific findings rarely lead to practical action.

The numerous attempts at practically-oriented research undertaken to date have proven incapable of solving the problem of how to transfer knowledge. And for that reason, we are taking a new route. By examining the few successful research projects in practice… read more

When the rebound just gets harder and harder

Improving energy efficiency is often cited as the key to a more sustainable society. But this equation has a crucial snag: a paradox phenomenon known as ‘rebound’.

In his 1865 book, “The Coal Question”, British economist and philosopher William Stanley Jevons made a remarkable observation. Although the steam engine introduced by James Watt had functioned far more efficiently with coal than its predecessor model by Thomas Newcomen… read more

Not considering a Plan B is irrational and dangerous

Sigrid Stagl was the first person in the world to be awarded a PhD in the new field of ‘Ecological Economics’. In this interview, she talks about the dilemmas of her discipline, false incentives, and the role of economic growth.

Professor Stagl, in 1999 you were the first person in the world to be awarded a doctorate in Ecological Economics. What’s the difference between Ecological Economics and ‘normal’ Economics? Stagl: We refer to a ‘preanalytic vision’ as being the starting-point… read more

The contribution we’re making to society is improving all the time

Gerhard Wotawa’s calculations became headline news overnight following the Fukushima reactor disaster in Fukushima. Here he talks about the benefits of Earth observation systems, and his experiences of the media.

From 2000 to 2009, you were an Atmospheric Science Officer at the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organisation (CTBTO), at its head office in Vienna. What is the organisation there to achieve, and what was your role there? Wotawa: The… read more

The Power of One

We can all do our bit to contribute to sustainability, is the old adage. But what can individuals really achieve? “A huge amount,” say the scientists. “But actually, not all that much.” read more

First emitted, then compensated

Forest versus air travel: with its carbon dioxide compensation project, Vienna University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences is demonstrating what sustainability can look like for institutions in practice.

For Vienna University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, the issue of sustainability is a constant companion – both scientifically, and in its teaching. “For us, though, it’s not enough for a university just to research and teach sustainability,”… read more

How sustainable are protected areas?

One in every four square metres of ground in Europe is now in a protected area. But what do these areas actually contribute to sustainability?

Some 25 percent of the surface area of Europe – and 12 percent of the world as a whole – is now made up of protected areas. But what do protected areas actually contribute to sustainability? Do they really do… read more

Going “beyond GDP”: the search for new ways of measuring the world

As long as the world is only measured by GDP, environmental disasters will remain useful events. But new prosperity indicators are now being developed to try and put that right.

The goal of sustainable development presents policy with a crucial problem: although pretty well everyone is now in agreement that the Earth’s resources are not inexhaustible, policy still has to be measured by Gross Domestic Product (GDP) alone, and doesn’t… read more

Why the tipping point is two degrees ahead

The goal of international climate policy is to prevent global warming from exceeding two degrees Celsius. But what actually happens if it does so is still unclear – and that’s exactly the problem.

Whenever the issue of global warming comes up, one figure is always described as something like a magic limit, the number which may not be passed: two degrees Celsius. Since as long ago as 1996, the institutions of the European… read more