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GAIA Best Paper Award 2013

One Gold, Two Silver

Vaclav Smil is the winner of the GAIA Best Paper Award 2013 for his article Reducing the Carbon and Sulfur Load of the Atmosphere. Assessing Global Decarbonization and Desulfurization and the Future of a Low-Carbon World. GAIA‘s Editorial Board also agreed on two second prizes. They were awarded to Thomas Jahn, Wissenschaft für eine nachhaltige Entwicklung braucht eine kritische Orientierung and Hugh S. Gorman, Learning from 100 Years of Ammonia Synthesis. Establishing Human-Defined Limits through Adaptive Systems of Governance.

Presented for the first time this year, the GAIA Best Paper Award is awarded by GAIA‘s Editorial Board for the best article of a volume.

The Gaia Society, the editors, Editorial Board and editorial office would like to extend their congratulations to Vaclav Smil for winning this award and to Thomas Jahn and Hugh S. Gorman.


All three articles can be accessed free online:

For more information please go to the GAIA-Website and see our announcment at Best Paper Award.