Going “beyond GDP”: the search for new ways of measuring the world

As long as the world is only measured by GDP, environmental disasters will remain useful events. But new prosperity indicators are now being developed to try and put that right.

The goal of sustainable development presents policy with a crucial problem: although pretty well everyone is now in agreement that the Earth’s resources are not inexhaustible, policy still has to be measured by Gross Domestic Product (GDP) alone, and doesn’t… read more

Why the tipping point is two degrees ahead

The goal of international climate policy is to prevent global warming from exceeding two degrees Celsius. But what actually happens if it does so is still unclear – and that’s exactly the problem.

Whenever the issue of global warming comes up, one figure is always described as something like a magic limit, the number which may not be passed: two degrees Celsius. Since as long ago as 1996, the institutions of the European… read more

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