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@ European Geosciences Union (EGU) 2015

April 16: MRI Mountain Mixer, 5:30–8; PM Austria Center Vienna, Room Y7; The MRI Mountain Mixer is a new event designed to bring together global change researchers working in mountains to compare notes, discuss new ideas and build collaborations. After four… read more

Making a difference with knowledge – but how?

Many researchers who dedicate themselves to the issue of sustainability are disappointed because their scientific findings rarely lead to practical action.

The numerous attempts at practically-oriented research undertaken to date have proven incapable of solving the problem of how to transfer knowledge. And for that reason, we are taking a new route. By examining the few successful research projects in practice… read more

When the rebound just gets harder and harder

Improving energy efficiency is often cited as the key to a more sustainable society. But this equation has a crucial snag: a paradox phenomenon known as ‘rebound’.

In his 1865 book, “The Coal Question”, British economist and philosopher William Stanley Jevons made a remarkable observation. Although the steam engine introduced by James Watt had functioned far more efficiently with coal than its predecessor model by Thomas Newcomen… read more

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